get me some wiid

November 30, 2007 ·

as of late, i've been campaigning my wife to buy a wii. i really think she'll like it as it isn't the video game system she knows and doesn't really dig. so i've had to find ways to finance the purchase in non-traditional ways. for instance, using the proceeds of a recent competition i won or selling off my junk. since it's been at the top of my mind, i've mentioned it to people saying "i'm trying to get some wii action". more than one person has interpreted this to mean 'scoring some weed.' responses i've got are "yeah, i've got a huge bag of it at home myself" or "i didn't take you for that type" or "i hear you, it's been a long week, i could use some myself."

the mind hears what it wants. i offer my new advertising campaign in light of this. a couple variations on the copy could be:
"wii would like to get high"
"wii would like to play stoned"
"wii would like to satisfy his munchies"
"wii would like to hit the bong"
"wii would like to roll a fatty"

i could go on, but won't. i do think the two can go hand-in-hand. they are certainly a compliment.




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