hello, i'm a mac and i'm a hipster wanker

November 26, 2007 ·

finally someone has taken the piss out of the mac vs. pc tv spots. wait, i'm not british, nor do i particularly like them, why did i use that expression, or wanker in the title? back on topic, it's about time someone from the pc camp has shot back. and not in a hack way like some college-attending, so-hip-it-hurts, iMovie-making dweeb, who makes their own mac-fellating versions of these ads, but actually something quite clever.

don't get me wrong, i like the mac commercials. as a piece of advertising they deliver all a strong tv spot should these days. they are bang on strategically, they are low cost to produce so a whole library can be created, they drive home a competitive difference, they are made to the product's specific target effectively, they are interesting and have a viral element that every brand dreams of. no mac, i don't want to blow you.

i can appreciate what apple offers but i'm not one of their fan-boys. i don't want to give s. jobs a b-job like the other mac elitists. their products are sure stylish and have qualities that are maybe better than a pc. so what. they don't do everything, and nor does a pc. i'm not going to debate the finer points of either platform here, so back to the site.

what laurie mcguiness has done is something that microsoft has failed to do, defend themselves. and she makes some good points too in pc's favor. and not the simplistic 'i can make a movie better' claims apple does. but on the other hand, they probably don't need to. apple can spend all the money they want to fight for the few small fractions of percentage points in market share their selfish little one button mouses can grab each year. watch them and judge for yourself. they are interesting counterpoints why pc is still the most popular choice (maybe price is the first place to look on that) and mac can continue their petty attempts to convert pc users, or at least continue to speak to the already converted mac blowhards.




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