tetley tea's sham

December 19, 2007 ·

the folks over at tetley would like us to feel all warm and fuzzy inside. and not because their tea makes you feel that way, but because they are a big charitable organization (queue the oohs and ahhs). a special issue of their white tea, flavored with raspberry is in support of the canadian breast cancer foundation.

a whole $0.15 from the sale of each specially marked canister is donated to the foundation. how noble of tetley. a truly honorable deed. but not at the expense of their profits. see the picture below? what do you notice?

try looking at the number of bags in each canister. that's right the normal canister has 24, but the special edition one only has 20. that's odd. both retail for the same price of around $4.00, so why am i getting less? how about some simple math. divide $4 by the number of tea bags in the regular canister (24) and you get about $0.16 each bag. now do the same for the 'special' one. that's $0.20 per bag. that means $0.15 goes to charity and an additional $0.65 into the pockets of the tea maker. nice little scam you got going there.

so not only is tetley cheating the consumer, their ivory tower intentions of actually giving to charity is a load of shit. they are covering the cost of the donation and keeping a tidy profit on each unit sold on top of their normal profit. that my friends is real sacrifice and corporate generosity. kudos to you tetley for making us feel like we've made a difference and a job well done on appeasing your own corporate conscience while still filling your coffers even fuller.




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