the lost star wars action figures

December 12, 2007 ·

it's christmas time and who doesn't have a fond childhood memory of finding some action figures under the tree. i stumbled across some star wars action figures that didn't quite make the official catalog back in 1977.

who wouldn't want to recreate the scene where luke returns to find the smoldering remains of his aunt's body. you can't have star wars without the force, so this pack can get you that. and i know many people who think the only good ewok is a dead one.

this product serves to exemplify the ruthlessness of the empire in tarkin's orders to still obliterate alderaan despite leia's revealing of the rebel base, how could it not get made.

this inspired me to make my own theme pack of action figues - a collection of famous body parts thorughout the series.

there's luke's hand from the scene it's revealed that darth vader is actually luke's father. then there's jango fett's head. a pivotal scene in which the bounty hunter's head becomes disassociated with his body by the lpurple lightsaber of mace windu in the geonosis arena. now you can play along with a young boba finding his father's head. and finally, the innards of a tauntaun reminding us of one of the biggest gaffe's in the franchise's history. a non force sensitive can't weild a lightsaber, c'mon now.




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