happy 2008

January 2, 2008 ·

this being the first post of the new year, there are two things (as my friend the verve so aptly put) you'd expect to be written: reflecting on the year past or speculate/set goals for the year ahead. as i'm not one to dwell on the past (in part because i don't dedicate the headspace to remembering everything) nor one to set resolutions i'm stuck how to set up the next 363 days.

my anti-resolution stance is more a principle than anything. i don't need an event (like the start of a new year) to take a stance on something. if i'm going to do something, it's because i want to and not because a certain day tells me to. in much the same way i don't need a holiday like valentine's day to express my love, i'll do it as i see fit. besides, resolutions are always half-baked, fraught with forgetting and mostly hollow.

the year ahead is a blank canvas. goals and aspirations are always changing. sure, there are things that i'd like to do and accomplish for the year, but i don't want to feel guilt for not accomplishing something. okay, i wouldn't feel guilty, but that's my point. why set out resolutions if there's no consequence for inevitably breaking them? so i will resolve to do nothing specific, but simply make the most of the coming year.


TheLorax said...
January 3, 2008 at 1:32 PM  

Exactly. There. I've participated.



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