$7 news (one time only & no connectedness)

June 2, 2009 ·

an article i was reading in today's techcrunch reminded me about this picture i took on the weekend. declining readership and plummeting ad revenue are the stories de jour and i think this image crystalizes part of the problem.

seven bucks for one edition (that wasn't even that big as you'd expect a sunday to be) makes little sense in this day and age. and it's a cost that is virtually eliminated with digital delivery. even an online subscription isn't close to this. the wall street journal has subscriptions for $2 a week. the new york times online edition is free. the printed edition is a cost equation i can reconcile.

i don't necessarily think that free should be the expectation. if it has value, then there should be some exchange involved (is that a hint to a model?). i will say that the shortsightedness of the industry to offer online as a free resource in the early days of the web (because it wasn't their core business and they didn't understand it) has really trained the populace to expect and seek out free news sources. so now the business has to adapt to a situation that they, in part, helped create.

i'm as tired as the next guy reading about the death of newspapers and the peril that industry faces. frankly, the next article i want to read about it is the one where they come up with a solution to their woes and forge a path to the future.




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