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January 11, 2010 ·

i'm sitting here in the cancun airport after a week long vacation (first in 7 years) in the mayan riviera. i've got a few hours as our return flight has also been delayed, albeit, only 2 hours compared to the 14 hour delay for our departure. i thought i would take a few minutes and write some thoughts on connectedness, especially as it pertained to vacations.

unashemedly, i love technology. i love it always being around and feel somewhat empty if it's not within arms reach. i was derided by many (including my wife) for checking facebook and twitter and posting therein. i see no problem in doing this, so long as it doesn't take over your trip – which it didn't. it's simply staying connected with your social graph and the real world. you being at a resort is but a respite from reality.

i see little difference between using downtime beside the beach/pool to be on a wi-fi connected netbook (my acer aspire one) or iPod Touch and reading a book or magazine as some would state. the coming onslaught and proliferation of e-readers are going to throw those people who cling to that belief into a tizzy.

in my mind, a vacation is not a vacation from technology as many would see it. technology is an integral part of everyone's life and a part that i don't want to vacate from. there's still some stigma there that i don't understand. my various devices allowed me post pictures daily and exchange fun comments from people thousands of miles away. i was able to stay up to date with the 100+ or so rss feeds, which as fellow readers can attest, just a week away is a mountainous backlog. my netbook gave me plenty of opportunity to do some much needed writing both by the water and on the plane. there was also ample time to catch up on a backlog of podcasts and explore new ones.

technology didn't impede me taking day long excursions to mayan ruins, just amplified it by sharing with others. it didn't stop me from drinking (many) cervezas by the pool or eating mightily. it didn't stop me from relaxing, but gave me a relaxing activity that fueled a lot of thoughts (or maybe people want to be free from thinking). technology enhances. it's only when it overtakes that it's problematic.




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