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February 13, 2012 ·

it's been nearly a year since i last blogged. in that time i've thought many a time that i should really get back into it. the notion obviously never stuck. i asked myself "does anyone still blog?" more than once. here i find myself eager to renew my efforts here.

 so what changed?

 for one, i've had an incredible urge to be creative lately. that i'm through with just being on the sidelines and taking in. time to contribute. blogging was always just about writing for me and a creative outlet. if something was salient, great, but it was more to just put out. the mantra for this year was "do". do whatever, but just don't make excuses or find walls to put up stopping me. so now when i feel the need to blog, i will.

 there's also the matter of being rejuvenated in my work life. forty days ago, i started a job with Mediacom Canada and am fully invigorated into the position. it's a dramatic change from my last job. as i aim to push myself in this new position, putting ideas out there and the simple act of writing will be a boon for my productivity there.

another reason is a little more meta. i've been thinking about the act of sharing and i feel that blogging still has some value to it. sharing, like the size of consumable media and general attention, has become ever-more brief. that sharing is almost an inconsiderate act as people simply push buttons and add little or no additional meaning, insight or connection to objects. in a world where people can contribute in a variety of ways, sharing trumps new idea generation or even building off existing ones.

so, to do my part in adding meaning to what i share and to put new ideas out there, this will be the platform. i don't know the shape of things shared and created, just that i will.




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