a giant leap for brands as content (not advertising)

February 22, 2012 ·

of course, branded content or brand storytelling is not news. nor is the shift of communications away from 'ads.' i myself have been pursuing this paradigm shift to our industry for many years. until now, there was the theoretical approach as this video does well to elaborate.

but there was always a hesitation or a missing proof to the approach. it's a massive leap without much in the way of the empirical data to say there is another side to land on. let's also be frank, likely a lack of skill to execute on such a demanding way to generate brand communications.

sure, there were dabblers, but recently the game changed and took a massive step to legitimacy and action. it took the likes of Coca-Cola, but i think this is a watershed moment and think it worthy to share.

in this incredibly well thought out, detailed and methodical blueprint, they've taken the theory, layered the brand purpose and built a platform that is beginning to end meaningful for the brand to pursue this course. the execution of the blueprint is high caliber too which already shows a commitment to producing top notch brand pieces.

i find it incredibly interesting that they would publicize it. of course they want to get credibility and recognition within the industry, but its specificity really reveals their hand. i'm conflicted on it. that they've bought into the approach so vigilantly is laudable and to share it opens up doors for the rest of us. but it could have been a competitive advantage, at least for a little bit. that they've declared this as what's right and competition be damned also opens up scrutiny and even distances any consumer who might now be in the know of their changing ways and still objects to this new assault on them.

either way, it's exciting to see the broader effect this will have.




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